About Daniel Caskey

Daniel Caskey is currently a student at Florida Institute of Technology, where he is working towards his degree in Finance. Outside of his academic pursuits, Daniel Caskey loves to travel and experience different cultures.

Travel has been a major part of Daniel’s life since he was just a kid. Growing up, his family would take ski trips to places like Colorado. As he grew older, they began to expand their travels internationally, visiting cities like London, Paris, Belize, Australia, St. Thomas, and the Cayman Islands.

On his travels, Daniel Caskey likes to fully immerse himself in each city. From the local cuisine to the regional architecture to the native people, he truly enjoys learning about what makes each place unique.

Daniel is always looking to stay active too, and can usually be found by the water. Whether it is snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, cave tubing, hiking, or fishing, Daniel Caskey has a deep appreciation for the outdoors.

One of his most enlightening experiences occurred during a trip to Belize, on the eastern coast of Central America. Despite their poor living conditions, the locals were some of the most nicest people he had ever come across. The trip gave Daniel a better understanding of what should actually define happiness, and how great most of our situations are back in the United States.

With his eyes on the road ahead, Daniel Caskey is interested in taking a trips to Japan, Egypt, Italy, the Pacific Islands, and China with his grandfather.


His lifelong passion for travel has inspired Daniel to one day take his career to the sky. For years he has dreamed of earning his pilot’s license. He hopes to, one day, become a commercial pilot so that he can see the world in ways that he never would be able to otherwise.

The first step in the pursuit of this goal is to earn a private pilot’s license, which he is set to begin working towards this summer. Following the completion of the private license, he will look to earn his commercial pilot’s licenses, followed by instrument certifications.

Daniel Caskey is also considering enlisting in the Air Force once he earns his pilot’s license. This would allow him to both serve his country in active duty, while gaining valuable flight experience with cargo planes. This is actually an extremely common career path for pilot’s, as many serve in the Air Force for 10 years before transitioning into the reserves and working full-time with a commercial airline.

Outside of aviation, Daniel loves to keep up with financial trends and is an adamant sports fan. Daniel has taken a particular interest in golf and tennis. Some of his tennis idols include Rafael Nadal, Juan Martin del Porto, and Roger Federer.

His interest in the financial realm stems from his grandfather who taught him a great deal about finance and economics. This interest has lead him to pursue macroeconomics and microeconomics as a senior in his high school. Daniel has a particular interest in Asian markets and strives to learn Chinese as a second language.