5 Top Things To Do In Hawaii

Hawaii, an island of wonder and adventure. The Hawaiian islands are one of the most visited islands in the world and for a good reason. Hawaii offers tourists a unique experience into the culture and surrounding the surrounding landscapes. Here, we will talk about the top five things to do when planning to visit the Hawaiian Islands.




A Hawaiian visit is not complete if you do not go snorkeling at least once. Hawaii offers stunningly beautiful waters with a large reef offshore. You can experience the natural habitat of sea turtles, and in particular times of the year, tourists can watch the annual migration of Spinner Dolphins to the Hawaiian Islands. There are a number of snorkeling organizations spread out among the archipelago that have snorkeling areas for all skill levels. Take the whole family with you and experience the underwater life of Hawaii.


Lava Tour


Hawaii is home to a number of active volcanoes. You can receive a guided tour around the volcanoes during the early hours of the morning. Along the tour, you could get the chance to see a lava flow down the mountainside. Some tours are either delayed or not canceled because of the varying lava flows each day.

Whale Watching


The best time of year to go whale watching in Hawaii is during the winter months. The North Pacific Humpback whales migrate from the Alaskan Gulf to the warmer waters of Hawaii where females can give birth and take care of their young. If you are lucky, you may get the chance to see whales gracefully breach the surface of the waters. Keep your eyes peeled and your cameras ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Beach Hopping


When people think about Hawaii, they are thinking about long, wide beaches with warm sun beaming down in front of a crystal blue ocean. What better reason to visit Hawaii than to get your relaxing on and go from beach-to-beach. Hawaii provides tourists with beaches at every turn. Visit Hawaii and enjoy the relaxation and simple water activities that come along with any of the Hawaiian beaches.




Historically, surfing was known as “hee nalu” in Hawaii and regarded as a sport for royalty. The first record of surfing was written in 1779 from the islands of Hawaii. Now, surfing is available to everyone in the world and is seen as a must-do when visiting the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii is considered to have the best waves in the world and surfers of every skill level some from around the globe to experience them.