Best Airlines of 2018

Travelling can be stressful. A traveler must get up early, wait in long lines at the airport and be constantly vigilant of changing gates or being bumped from an overbooked flight. So, if someone is seeking to avoid all of this hassle and have a relaxing and even enjoyable flying experience, what airlines should they book through? Luckily, the top airlines are ranked each year by unbiased third parties which seek to highlight the best and worst performers of the airline industry. The stars in 2018, in order from fourth to first ranked airlines, are as follows:


  • Emirates
  • ANA All Nippon Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines




Emirates is based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since their beginnings, they have been known for their luxury travel and high level of service. Their first class is known for having private rooms that cater to long international travel in which the passenger may need to catch up on some sleep while flying through the skies. Emirates even has their own line of fine wines that are served on select flights.


ANA All Nippon Airways


This airline based out of Japan is one of the highest rated in both Asia and the world. They are one of few airlines which feature flights from LAX to Tokyo at a minimum of three times per day. Also, this airline has been given a five star rating due to their incredible service to customers for more than half a decade consecutively.


Qatar Airways


This airline was the 2017 recipient of the top airline award but fell to the number two spot this year. Despite this, Qatar Airways continues to be one of the most accommodating and stress free airlines in the world. Joining their privilege club can even gain you access to more luxuries such as exclusive lounges and tons of bonus miles for additional free travel.


Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines recently grabbed the top spot as the best airline of 2018. In addition to this award, it also received an award for the best first class among all airlines due to their consistently positive customer feedback and luxury amenities. The airline beat out last years winner, Qatar Airways, by just the narrowest of margins to take the top spot.