Best Places To Visit In Florida

Florida is a well-known gem on the southeast side of America. Florida offers tourists an experience of a lifetime from the alligators to the booming Walt Disney World parks and resorts. There is something for everyone in Florida! Here are a few favorite attractions when visiting Florida.


Walt Disney World


Considered the most magical place on earth is Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. Walt Disney World offers four enormous parks that can spark the child in you. The four parks are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom. Each park has its own unique experience and theme that will entice you and leave you wanting more! Coupled with the parks are Walt Disney Resorts. The resorts give tourists and additional experience in itself. Immerse yourself in the full experience that is Walt Disney World. Book your stay at one of the numerous hotels and visit the parks as often as you can.




No Florida trip is complete without a few days in the city of Miami. Miami has a robust nightlife scene and through that offers tourists a look into its unique mix of cultures. With Miami’s blend of cultural backgrounds, the city is home to an extraordinary art culture ranging from Cuban to Haitian influences. The downtown area is enough to fulfill any tourists curiosity but don’t limit yourself to just one spot. Check out the local beaches and spend a day relaxing from the city life.


Everglades National Park


The Everglades is home to the nation’s largest subtropical wild area. With its 1.5 million acres of wetlands, the Everglades holds some of the state’s infamous animals. The American Crocodile, the Manatee and, the Florida Panther all have a home among the Everglades. The Everglades offers guided boat tours around the waters and has small boardwalks that pedestrians can walk on to take in the atmosphere and perhaps spot some wildlife.


St. Augustine


St. Augustine is known as the oldest city in America. Located along the northeastern coast of the state, St. Augustine is filled with historical significance from the Spanish settlers. Located nearby is the Castillo de San Marcos which is a 17th-century fortress made entirely of stone. The fortress offers visitors beautiful views of the ocean and white sand beaches. The beaches surrounding St. Augustine are St. Augustine Beach and Crescent Beach. Both beaches are open to the public.