Different Types of Travel Insurance

Anyone looking to travel overseas or taking a long trip somewhere should think about purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance can help you in situations where your flight is canceled, your luggage went missing, or you have a medical emergency among other things. The biggest problem for people looking to buy travel insurance is deciding which one is best for them and what do they include. This article will help you understand the different types of travel insurance so you can pick the best option for you.


Package Travel Insurance


When most people think about travel insurance, they are probably thinking about package travel insurance. Package travel insurance is comprehensive insurance that includes a wide array of problems that may arise. Package travel insurance includes medical emergencies, lost or stolen luggage, evacuation, dental insurance and more. Package travel insurance plans can vary depending on your concerns and needs when you travel. This kind of insurance can give you peace of mind in all areas of travel.




Most medical insurance companies provide little to no medical insurance when you are overseas. Even though you may think you are in perfect health before you leave for your trip, what if you twist your ankle while on a hike in the Andes mountains? Purchasing medical insurance will allow you to visit a doctor to make sure your ankle is not broken among other things. Any accident or emergency you have can be covered by medical insurance. Purchase medical insurance anytime you are going overseas or are involved with a trip that has a lot of physical activity; your health is worth it!


Annual Insurance


There is travel insurance that is offered that covers you for an entire year instead of a single trip. Some annual travel insurance packages cover multiple areas of insurance and can be purchased as package travel insurance. This kind of travel insurance is ideal for business professionals who frequently travel for their job and also for any traveler who has multiple trips planned out throughout the year. Annual insurance plans can sometimes be renewed each year depending on if more insurance coverage needs to be added to certain areas.


Specialty Insurance


Specialty insurance can be bought t cover other factors of travel that may not be covered by the traditional insurance plans. Term life insurance or car rentals are two examples of what specialty insurance can be used for.