Discover Copenhagen


Copenhagen, Denmark, is home to cobblestone streets, marvelous palaces and top-notch museums. When visiting Copenhagen, there is much to see and much to do. Here are a few stops you should make time for on your trip.



Located in the central Indre By neighborhood, Nyhavn is a busy area with a rich history. The area once served as Copenhagen’s commercial port, and was home to a few famous writers and artists, such as Hans Christian Andersen and Heinrich Gustav Ferdinand Holm. Today, you can enjoy unique eateries in Nyhavn, many of which can be found inside restored homes from the 17th century. You can also opt for one of Nyhavn’s canal tours for a reasonable price.


Tivoli Gardens

Just a short walk from Strøget, Tivoli Gardens is one of Europe’s most popular theme parks. With rides, restaurants, theaters, concerts, and games, it is an attraction suitable for all ages. Tivoli Gardens also features an aquarium and the Nimb water fountains. The mix of beauty and fun makes this a staple for both visitors and Denmark natives alike. Keep in mind that rides are not open from January to mid-March, and the cost for admission and rides is too high for the liking of some visitors.


The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid statue in Østerbro is one of Copenhagen’s most iconic attractions. It has been a part of Copenhagen’s waterfront since 1913. Many of us know The Little Mermaid as a famous Disney princess, but this statue is based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen of Denmark. Though beautiful, the statue is reportedly a bit underwhelming. However, the harbor view in itself is enough of a reason to make the trip, and there are many restaurants and shops within walking distance.



If you love shopping, Strøget should be on your list of places to visit in Copenhagen. It is Copenhagen’s largest shopping center, located on one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe. You’ll find boutiques, cafes, and upscale brands like Burberry, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Even if you don’t bring your credit card, window shopping is still a viable option. For some independent shops in Strøget, try exploring the narrow side streets in the Old City.



For history buffs and average tourists alike, the National Museum of Denmark is a wonderful place where you can easily spend many hours. Considered one of Europe’s best museums, it represents centuries worth of Danish history. There are even Egyptian mummies and artifacts from ancient Greece and Rome. The museum is well-organized and informative. There are even interactive exhibits to entertain the kids while they learn about Denmark’s history.


The Christiansborg Palace and Rosenborg Castle are two more of Copenhagen’s most iconic landmarks. I hope this list helps you plan your next Danish vacation!