Don’t Forget These Items In Your Travel Budget!

It is easy to get overwhelmed with things to do before you travel. The hours of preparation can be stressful, and even then you may not feel completely prepared for your trip. One key aspect of your trip is deciding what your budget will be while away. You could have a firm grasp on what your budget will look like but before you settle on an amount for your budget, make sure to consider these factors that may pop up unexpectedly.


Emergency Expenses


Anything can happen when you are out traveling. Make sure you set aside money for any kind of emergency. The most common types of emergencies are missing your flight, getting injured, or losing your luggage. This can happen to anyone, and if your travel insurance doesn’t cover it, you want to make sure that you have money set aside to ease the blow of unexpected emergencies.


Transaction Fees


If you are visiting another country, foreign transaction fees can add up to be a large financial burden. Some debit and credit cards have foreign transactions fees that vary in price. There are a growing number of credit card companies that are offering credit and debit cards that waive the foreign transaction fee. Before you go overseas, apply for a card with no foreign transaction fees for all your purchases abroad.


Cell Phone Service


Cell Phone companies charge an enormous amount for international roaming. If you are planning on using your cell phone, for whatever reason, contact your cell phone service provider to see if they offer international data plans so you can keep in touch with your family and use google maps if you get lost!


Food and Drink


You may have already set aside an amount for the food you may purchase while away, but it is always good to add a bit more to that section. If you are eating out three times a day because you are on the go constantly, then food and drink expenses can add up rapidly. Add an additional one hundred dollars to your budget so you can enjoy the cuisine of the place you are traveling to!


Items Forgotten


It is ideal to develop your budget and add a section for items you forgot to take with you. It is inevitable that you will either forget something when packing or, realize you need something else once you arrive at your destination. Either situation is valid and can prove to be pricey if not accounted or.