How To Become A Travel Agent

Is your passion traveling the world or helping other people travel the world? Have you dreamt about what it would be like to travel for a living? Then becoming a travel agent may be the right career path for you. Travel agents get to travel the world and experience the cultures of various places and learn about them so they can be better equipped for their clients. As a travel agent, you can help people plan the best possible trip to another country using your own knowledge of that location. In today’s age, many people use online resources to plan out their entire trip but, some people still like the idea of having someone else taking care of all the details for them. This article will help you understand basic principles in becoming a travel agent




There is no formal training required to become a travel agent in the US. A common misconception for people looking to become a travel agent is that they need prior education to become one, this is not true. Organizations offer certification to people interested in becoming travel agents which can give you an advantage over others who do not go through training. Experience in hospitality or tourism is a plus when looking to become a travel agent. The Travel Institute has a variety of courses and certifications that you can complete to familiarize yourself with industry software and procedures.




The ASTA or American Society of Travel Agents offers an introductory course about becoming a travel agent. This course costs as low as twenty-five dollars and can give you all valid information you need to start planning itineraries, working with travel software, communication skills, and other aspects of the job.




As with many jobs, an ideal skill to have is communication skills. A travel agent usually works alone and for themselves, therefore, needs to be able to be well-versed in communication, sales, and interpersonal skills. Travel agents will have to find clients, get their names out there, and hold meaningful relationships to ensure future business. You will be acting as a salesperson making money off of what sales you can close.


Being a travel agent isn’t for everyone and can be a tough business to get into. But, with enough dedication and skills, working as a travel agent can be a rewarding career that includes a lot of adventure along the way.