Must Visit Historical Sites in Greece


Greece’s vast amount of ancient history can make a visit exciting, yet overwhelming at the same time. You could easily spend weeks exploring the rich history of Greece, but here are a few historical sites you must visit before leaving the country.


The Acropolis of Athens

You’ll find that Athens is home to much of Greece’s most popular and magnificent history. The Acropolis is one example. Four of the most well-known ruins are preserved atop a hill that overlooks the city of Athens. Constructed in the Golden Century of Athens, the Acropolis’ impressive marble facades have stood for more than 2,000 years. The Parthenon is the most famous building on the Acropolis, but the other buildings are also worth a visit. To see these impressive structures, you must first walk up a steep slope, so it isn’t for everyone.



Are you a fan of the modern-day Olympics? If so, you should make time to see Olympia, the place where it all began. You’ll find temples, stadiums, and beautiful views. Mt. Kronion is regarded as the most sacred spot in all of Olympia. The Altis, also known as the sanctuary of the gods, is where you can find a large concentration of masterpieces from ancient Greece. The ruins of Olympia truly give you an appreciation of its significance in ancient history.



Located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, ancient Delphi was where people would worship Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, along with other gods and goddesses. Today, you can explore the remains of the ancient city, such as the Temple of Apollo, treasuries, athletic structures, and the theater. Delphi also held the Pythian Games, which the gymnasium and stadium remind us of. Delphi also served as Central Greece’s military and political center at one time.



Visiting Meteora transforms you to another world. Among the flat landscape are 1200-foot sandstone pillars, creating a truly unique landscape that was formed by earthquakes and weathering. There were originally 24 monasteries in Meteora, but only 6 remain. They are located on top of the rock pillars, so it is a very popular hiking spot. Meteora is also on the UNESCO list.



This ancient city was once home to the best problem solvers in Greece, who evaluated population growth, money exchange and education. Corinthians also controlled sea trade, making it a wealthy city. Corinth was known for its pottery, and it is still home to an impressive collection of those artifacts. If you make it to Corinth, be sure to visit The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth so you can truly appreciate the city’s history.