Planes of The Future

Commercial flying is on the rise, and people are traveling more now than at any other point in history. Getting from one end of the world to another has never been easier or more accessible, and the business of commercial flight is changing. Advancements in technology paired with an interest in commercial travel have sparked a race of sorts to develop new and exciting aircraft that will keep the public in awe. This article will talk about new and emerging aircraft that could be used in the coming years for private or even commercial use.


Alice Commuter


A startup company out of Israel introduced their first all-electric aircraft in 2017. The Alice Commuter is projected to start flying in 2021. The aircraft has a total of three propellers that are able to fly a total of six hundred miles with nine passengers on board. The Alice Cooper is one of many aircraft being developed that are setting the standard of completely electric planes. Many companies are looking to begin implementing their aircraft to be run entirely on ion batteries.




Another startup company leading the way in aircraft development is Boom Supersonic. Boom Supersonic is developing an aircraft that can easily beat the speed of sound. The Boom aircraft is said to be able to reach speeds up to Mach 2.2. Creating an aircraft that is supersonic has been done before but did not last long. The Concorde was an aircraft that was in service for twenty-seven years. The Concorde seated up to 128 passengers and could reach speed up to Mach 2.0. The Boom is looking to beat that speed as well as the price that went along with going supersonic.




Airbus has been a leading company in new and innovative aircraft. With their helicopter, the VSR700, the aircraft has an optional setting to be completely autonomous while flying. The VSR700 is fully equipped to take on the task of lifting off and landing without the need for human intervention. The VSR700 has an optical sensor and a radar system able to identify how to land the aircraft. Airbus hopes to be able to use the vehicle and technology for other uses besides commercial air flight in the future.