Popular Private Jets

Private aviation is a growing business in the United States. People are becoming annoyed by the strict procedures of public aviation and looking to private planes as an alternative. The step into private jets and private aviation is a large one that costs people hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars to complete. This article will talk about what planes are becoming popular in the private sector in aviation.


Cessna Skycatcher


The Cessna Skycatcher is known to professional pilots as the plane that teaches you how to fly. The Cessna Skycatcher costs about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and can fly for four hundred and forty nautical miles. The plane has a layout suitable for first-timers and includes dual monitors so an instructor can fly along with you. The Cessna Skycatcher is making waves in private aviation making it one of the most affordable planes on the current market.


Icon A5 Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft


The A5 has the ability to function on and off the land. The A5’s amphibious features make it an attractive option for adventure seekers looking to go anywhere and everywhere. The planes model makes it seem like an airplane that was pulled right from a James Bond movie. It’s slick exterior look, and impeccable maneuverability makes the A5 a unique private airplane. The A5 weighs on the side of affordability as well. The A5 goes for around one hundred and ninety thousand dollars on the market today.


Cessna TTx


The Cessna TTx is the fastest single-engine piston plane on the market right now. The TTx can reach speeds up to two hundred and seventy mph. The TTx can reach distances up to one thousand two hundred and fifty nautical miles. The TTx can also hold up to four passengers, making it ideal for a small family to go on vacation! The TTx comes with its own Electronic Stability and Protection autopilot system. This system allows the plane to take over the controls if the pilot was to be incapacitated or the plane was to stall.


Cirrus Vision SF50


The SF50 is a bit more out of range in regards to price compared to the A5, but they share the same amphibious benefits. The SF50 costs nearly two million dollars and can fit up to five adults and two children inside. The SF50 has been put into its own category known as the “Personal Jet.” The top-mounted jet engine gives the SF50 a powerful boost that will appease any performance critics.