The 5 Best Places To Visit In Rome

Rome has an enormous amount of attractions for people to see. It’s nearly impossible to take in everything Rome has to offer in a single day. The city is overflowing with history and wonders of the world. This article will help you narrow down some of those places to at least five. These five are considered a must-see when you visit Rome.


Trevi Fountain


One of the most popular sites to visit when in Rome. The Trevi Fountain shows Neptune, the god of the sea, along with his two Triton’s on either side. The fountain that surrounds Neptune and his Triton’s is said to have superstitious significance. Anyone who throws a coin with their right hand, over their left shoulder is destined to one day return to Rome, fall in love with a Roman, and later, marry that same, Roman. Be sure to make the Trevi Fountain a must-see attraction and test the validity of the legend!


Roman Forum


The Roman Forum holds an incredible amount of history regarding the shape of Roman culture. The Roman Forum is home to ancient Rome’s famous structures, monuments, and shrines. Unfortunately, much of the inside of the Forum is in shambles. Therefore a guided or audio tour of the Roman Forum is highly recommended by past visitors.


St. Peter’s Basilica


The core of Roman Catholicism is St. Peter’s Basilica. St. Peter’s is located in Vatican City, making it part of the world’s smallest country. St. Peter’s is always packed with tourists from around the world looking to absorb all of the historical significance of the square. Guided tours are offered for those who want them. St. Peter’s Basilica is a functioning church and offers daily mass. They also enforce a strict dress code when visiting; this includes no short skirts, hats, or bare shoulders.




Erected in 120 AD, the Pantheon is an architectural wonder. The Pantheon is known for having its perfect proportions making it an awe-inspiring feat considering when it was built. When visiting, you can visit the grave of the famous artist Raphael.




The infamous Colosseum is a fantastic site for anyone visiting in Rome. The Colosseum was built in 80 AD and at that time could hold almost fifty thousand people. To beat the lines coming from the Colosseum, tourists can purchases tickets at the Roman Forum and jump ahead of the line when they make the short walk to the Colosseum. Some tourists recommend you get a guided tour to add color to the overwhelming amount of historical significance the Colosseum has.