The Best Airlines For Your Budget

All avid travelers know the biggest expense for any trip can be the airfare. In the weeks leading up to our vacations, we spend countless hours looking at the best airline deals. Here are a few airlines with historically low prices for the average round-trip flight.


Frontier Airlines

At just $111 for round-trip airfare, Frontier Airlines boasts the cheapest average cost per flight. Their philosophy is “low fares done right.” Frontier’s headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado, and they currently serve more than 80 cities in the U.S., Mexico and the Dominican Republic.


Spirit Airlines

The average round-trip airfare for Spirit Airlines is only $117, making it the second-cheapest domestic carrier. Spirit allows you to only pay for the options you choose, like bags, seat assignments, and refreshments. They operate more than 400 daily flights to 60 destinations in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean.


JetBlue Airways

Recently, JetBlue has adopted a more customer service-focused approach, earning them the highest score on J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction survey. Additionally, they have always been known for good entertainment, like free Wi-Fi and DirecTV, along with roomy seats and unlimited snacks. Even with these amenities, ticket prices dropped 14% in 2017, bringing the average round-trip airfare to just $159.


Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is the best airline to fly with if you’re looking to avoid hidden fees. They don’t charge you for flight changes, and you’re allowed two free checked bags. Southwest earned the highest customer satisfaction score for check-in experience, boarding, and in-flight crew. They also earned Travel + Leisure’s highest score when it comes to getting value for your money.

Virgin America Airlines

Since its start in 2007, Virgin America has topped Travel + Leisure’s best domestic airlines list. The airline boasts free Wi-Fi, soothing mood lighting, and seat-to-seat massages. They are reported to be the fastest airline, cutting expected flight times by an average of 7 minutes. Virgin America has merged with Alaska Airlines, but they expect no changes to the Virgin America brand.


Delta Airlines

If you’re a frequent flyer, Delta Airlines’ loyalty program could save you money in the long run. Their Skybonus program is coined as one of the best business loyalty programs out there. Their SkyMiles program could use some improvement, but it is still a good option for someone who travels often.


You often have to forgo certain luxuries to find the cheapest airfare prices, but that is not always the case. Once you know your destination and what amenities are most important to you, it’s easy to find the cheapest airline for your specific needs.