The Best Ski Resorts In The Country

The winter months are closing in fast, and soon people will be gearing up to go out on the slopes and feel the rush of shredding over fresh powder. If you are an experienced skier or thinking about taking a trip to the slopes yourself, then you might want to know where the best places are to ski in the country. Much of the US receives snow during the winter which makes narrowing the best places to visit a bit difficult. Listed below are arguably some of the best ski resorts in the country!




The state of Utah, on average, receives over fifty inches of snow during their winter season. Alta itself averages around five hundred and twenty-one inches of snow. That’s a significant difference. But skiers all over the country swear by the slopes of Alta. A major difference with Alta, compared to other ski resorts it the quality of the snow. Skiers claim that the snow at Alta is very similar to snow that populates on top of the Rocky Mountains making it ideal for any avid skier. On top of all of that snow, Alta has a wonderful snow lodge and resort for skiers and tourists to stay in as well as fine eateries peppered across the surrounding area.




Vail, Colorado has had a reputation for decades of being one of the largest ski resorts in the country. Unlike other resorts on this list, Vail has incorporated skiers and snowboarders to their clientele so that all snow-shredding lovers can take part in the Vail. Along with the over two hundred trails for skiers, Vail is a large hotel and lodging destination making it a must-visit place for tourists out-of-state. Although there are many other ski resorts throughout Colorado, the Vail is known for being the largest and most popular among locals and tourists.




A combination of four separate ski mountains makes up Aspen Snowmass. Conveniently located in Aspen, Colorado, Aspen is the essential ski resort for a major reason, it’s local airport. The Aspen airport is directly next to the huge mountain range making it one of the easiest and most convenient skiing resorts in the country. Paired with a bustling downtown area, Aspen has become a lynchpin in the skiing community.