The Top 3 Places for Spring Break 2017

If you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime, spring break at least once during your college career is totally worth the investment. You’ll meet hundreds of people, enjoy great history and culture, and relax on the beach with the cocktail of your choice. With all the studying and hard work you’ve put into school and all the semesters you have yet to go, you deserve a little fun and relaxation. Here are the top three places to do spring break right this year!


Panama City, Florida


If you haven’t already heard, Panama City Beach is the Spring Break Capital of the U.S. Each year close to half a million college students fly down to this small town to party. The interesting fact is that PCB is only this wild and crazy during spring break season (typically March-April). However, the rest of the year it’s a calm and friendly family oriented town. PCB gets so wild that they even have their own official spring break website. Every year, the town is packed with live concerts and music, amazing weather, lots of food, and of course, a wild amount of booze and bars. If you’ve never been to spring break, this is an experience of a lifetime.


South Beach Miami, Florida


Miami should be a state of its own. Unlike any other part of Florida, Miami has been one of the hottest party destinations since history past, which means spring break gets even crazier. For one, the city is one of the greatest entertainment capitals of the world (along with Milan, Los Angeles, Paris, and New York). You’ll be able to experience history’s fabulous art deco scene while enjoying the spring break of tomorrow. You’ll never want spring break to end after experiencing the hundreds of bars, historic hotels and restaurants, and the people you’ll meet from all over the world!


Cancun, Mexico


Known as Spring Break’s number one international destination, what better way to spend an international spring vacation than Cancun, Mexico. For one, you can save a lot of money booking an international spring break trip, as you can choose all-inclusive packages, with unlimited food and drinks. Going with an all-inclusive trip is a great idea. In addition to experiencing another country’s culture, you’ll  be able to relax by the pools and beach, hit up the nightclubs and bars, and climb ancient pyramids. What better way to spend your spring break?