Top Tips for Backpacking Through Europe

If you’ve always dreamed of backpacking through Europe, it’s time to make those dreams a reality. Europe is one of the best and most popular places to begin a travel adventure. There’s no better way to experience Europe than through backpacking. Although a vacation laying on the beach may be relaxing, backpacking will allow you to experience new people, places, and challenges to achieve. It will also allow you to gain confidence and a new perspective of the world through critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  Here are your top tips for backpacking throughout Europe.

Pack light

One of the most important things to remember is to pack light when you plan your trip for backpacking. As you will be carrying most of your items on you throughout the trip, you must remember that there is no luggage service to haul your things around for you. Choosing a sturdy backpack is essential. It’s also a good idea to pack things that you are certain you’ll need. After all, you’re in Europe, so you can alway stop somewhere to buy extra clothes or items you may need. This will save you energy and stress when you’re hiking throughout the beautiful cities.

Take the Train

Transportation will be one of the most important aspects of your trip. Europe is very popular with their trains for use of transportation, especially because most of them arrive right in the major cities. Many offer lodging and accommodations and allow you to experience the beautiful views from the inside out. If you’re backpacking, the train is a great way to get you from one country into another while experiencing how the locals travel.

Establish Connections with Others

Speaking of locals, backpacking is a great way to meet new people and establish connections. You’ll meet people who will tell tales of their lives and hard work-ships. You’ll also meet other travelers who are looking to experience the same things as you. Whether you’re backpacking alone or with someone, you’ll never get lonely. Now is your chance to boost up your self-esteem and create new friendships.

Stay in Hostels

Although a luxury hotel may be on your wishlist, it may not be the case for your wallet. Staying in hostels is a great way to experience Europe while saving money at the same time. It may cost you anywhere between $10-$30 per night, which will allow you to have extra money to possibly extend your trip and try new experiences. After all, you’re heading to Europe to explore, not stay locked away in a hotel room.