Travel To Help Others

Who doesn’t dream of traveling? What if one could travel while also helping others? The best part about this is that it is usually a win-win situation — the traveler helps others and has the chance to travel for less with their homing being covered by the ones that are being helped out.


While this type of travel has been criticized by many, the initial idea of it is good when approached with the right mindset. This means traveling to the chosen destination with the mindset of what one has to offer and how others can be served.


Find A Project


The first thing to think about is what kind of skill sets one possesses. Finding a project that matches these needed skillsets is what should be a priority when choosing the next place you are looking to travel to.


There are many types of volunteer travel themes that can excite potential volunteers. If the traveler is someone who cares about organic food, there are organic farmers that look for volunteers. The work required is 4-6 hours daily in exchange for food and housing.


If one is planning on becoming a doctor and wants to gain some experience while also being of help to others, they can enroll in one of the existing physician shadowing programs that take place in locations where there is a need for medical attention. The work there can be short-term or a year-round depending on how much time they can set aside for this good cause.


Teaching English


For those that want to live in a different part of the world with their English degree or skills, there are plenty of third world countries that are looking for English teachers. A common qualification required is the CELTA or a bachelor’s degree in English as well as ESL qualification.


To make things simpler, there are plenty of organizations that have experience in gathering volunteers and taking them to places that are in need of their willingness to help with their skills. These organizations include International Volunteer HQ, Plan My Gap Year, Maximo Nivel, Love Volunteers, Abroadly, Projects Abroad, and Volunteering Solutions,


There are more volunteer organizations that recruit volunteers for different fields of work in different parts of the world. It is one thing to travel just to see the places, but in helping others, one can really get a feel of the place, its culture, and its people.