Traveling During College

Traveling is such a great and unique experience. A lot of people want to get their traveling in before the start working since it is more difficult to find the time. Though it does seem hard to travel in college due to the lack of funds, there are some ways to be able to take trips.


Save Money

Getting a part-time job during school may seem difficult, but you can start saving up for your travels. Plan out your trip and determine how much you will need and then start putting away as much as possible to reach that goal money. You might have to cut back on some other expenses. Instead of eating out during the week, start cooking in your kitchen or use the dining hall more frequently. You can also cut back on shopping for non-essentials. Instead of buying new clothes, going to see movies, or electronics, put the extra money away in a savings account.


Study Abroad

If you want to visit a new country for an extended period of time, look into study abroad options at your school. Colleges around the world will provide credits that can count towards your degree. Not only are you continuing your studies but you also get to explore a new culture. You want to make sure that your student loans will cover your travel costs and tuition overseas. Before taking the opportunity, make sure the credits will transfer to your home college or university.


Volunteering Abroad

There are tons of volunteer opportunities around the world. Many people take trips to do humanitarian work. There are opportunities to teach, build, consult, and protect the environment. Organizations such as American Red Cross or the Peace Corp can provide you with a stipend will you are abroad. These volunteer trips often last for a duration of a couple months or even longer so be prepared to take an extra semester of classes. If this is just a way to travel and you don’t have your heart set on volunteering, this may not be the option for you. You will most likely be working long hours during the days. Though it is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are visiting because you will most likely be working with a village of natives.


Choose the best option for you and start traveling during college. If you can’t seem to find the time over semester breaks, you may want to consider taking a gap period after you graduate to travel. Traveling can be very rewarding and you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity.