Visiting Paris

Paris is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From fashion and art to historic architecture and theater, Paris has everything to offer. No matter where you go in the upscale city of France, you’ll be intrigued by the people and the history. Here are your must-see attractions in Paris!


Notre Dame


If you’re a fan of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and want to see where the film was inspired to take place, this is a must see. Notre Dame is known as one of the most spiritual cathedrals in Paris. It is also known for its gothic architecture. Take a tour of the 850-year-old Cathedral, yet be prepared for high crowds, as masses are conducted throughout various times of the day. Even if you haven’t found your inner spiritual self yet, this architecture is unlike any other and is a must see for those visiting Paris.


Canal St- Martin


Being in Paris can be overwhelming, yet so exciting. However, you can get the best of both worlds by being a tourist and relaxing. Canal St-Martin is a popular neighborhood among the french located on the northern side of Paris. Here, you can relax ad enjoy a nice picnic, or take a walk on the river side. You can spend the day here as there are various pubs and restaurants, museums, and theaters to check out along the park.


Eiffel Tower


Visiting Paris obviously means visiting the most iconic attraction in the world; the Eiffel Tower of course. The tower was built as a symbol of the French revolution. However, today it serves as a delicate symbol of Paris. It was saved of destruction thanks to the television and radio industry. Today, you can visit the tower with guided tours, or you can simply hang out in Parc Champ De Mars to get a fabulous view of the delicate symbol. Whatever you do, don’t forget to snap a photo!


Paris Catacombs


If you’re looking for something super creepy and cool, the Catacombs are a must see. It is located in ancient tunnel networks in a small part of Paris where more than 6 million people are buried. In the 1800’s, the cemetery opened as a tourist attraction after transfers of human bones had to be made as the cemetery was becoming overcrowded. As the underground tunnels had to be rebuilt to organize the high amount of abandoned bones, an underground monument was constructed. Today, you can walk in and see beyond thousands of bones and skulls in the Catacombs. You may want to grab a late dinner after visiting the site, but don’t worry there’s plenty of local restaurants for you to dine in.  If you’re looking for some ancient haunted and creepy fun, this is the place to go.


Luxembourg Gardens


Luxembourg Gardens offers one of the most pristine sights in all of Paris. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the beauty of clean gardened flowers, trees, bushes, and shrubs while watching local children race their boats, romantic date affairs, and enjoying the beautiful rays of sunshine. The Garden was established in 1612 by King Henry IV’s wife Marie de Medici. The large castle belongs to the French state where they hold their meetings. The beauty of the castle and gardens is unlike any other and is a must see on your next trip.