What Type Of Traveller Are You

Travelling can be stressful! People who travel often know what kind of traveler they are and what works best for them. For people who don’t travel often you may be wondering what kind of traveler you are. This article will help explain what kind of traveler you are and help you plan better for the future!


City or Nature


When considering what type of traveler you are you want to think about whether you enjoy seeing the big cities of a location or taking in the natural beauty of the landscape. Both options have their upsides and downsides; it all depends on what you prefer. City dwellers like to lean towards the touristy side of things. You may want to participate in activities that the city or location is known for. Someone who prefers nature when traveling may look for locations that are hidden from normal visitors. A nature traveler will seek out hidden gems of a location and find joy in traveling simply.


The Thrill Seeker


Someone who travels so they can experience new and exciting things around the world! The thrill seeker will volunteer to be the first one to bungee jump off the bridge and after, be waiting in line for skydiving. The thrill seeker is always looking for the next adventure when traveling. But be careful, they may be difficult to keep up with, with their high energy and drive to get the highest intensity experience from traveling.


Mental Traveller


If you tend to stray away from physical challenges like bungee jumping, then you may fall under a more mental traveler. Your ideal travel adventure includes visiting museums, art galleries, wine tastings, and tours of historical sites. Mental travelers want to soak in the culture of a place and feel immersed in the experience. The mental traveler is content with exploring significant locations in an area and feeling the sense that they have learned something factual from the experience.


The Relaxer


If the idea of doing anything physically or mentally taxing makes you cringe, then you may fall under the relaxing traveler. The relaxing traveler wants only to kick their feet up on a chair in the sand and let their thoughts fade away. Beach naps are required, and sunscreen is optional for these travelers. Sometimes, simplicity is bliss. If you like the idea of doing nothing, then seek out locations known for their relaxing atmosphere and culture.